Firmwares for load cell adjustment#


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There are adjustment sketches for two different precision analog-to-digital converters (ADC), acting as a frontend for bridge sensors commonly used in industrial load cell components:


When working with the load cell, individual parameters have to be defined. To get hold of the appropriate values, you have to measure them to adjust the raw sensor readings properly.

These values are not type specific! Even load cells of the same type/model have individual characteristics, so you have to determine both per load cell.

The sketches listed above can help to discover these two values:

  • ZeroOffset is the raw sensor value for zero balance, 0 kg.

  • KgDivider is the raw sensor value for a load of 1 kg.

Please follow the instructions in the respective source code sketch…


On some load cells, the range around 0 kg gives negative raw value readings, so we try to start for the 1 kg (or whatever weight you may choose) on a higher range.


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