Pipa backlog#


  • [x] Allow (non-SSL) HTTP on the backend side

  • [o] Add #define for GPRSBEE_APNUSER and GPRSBEE_APNPASS, rename other to GPRSBEE_APNGW

  • [o] Add code for reading sensors of “Open Hive Seeedunio Stalker”

  • [o] Try to stay in sync with “node-rfm69-beradio.ino”

    • Put all settings into “#define” header (e.g. scale)

    • Fix #define DEBUG-switch issue

    • Clean up code

  • [o] Maybe use better configuration, see https://github.com/marvinroger/homie-esp8266/blob/master/src/Homie/Datatypes/ConfigStruct.hpp