BERadio at Hiveeyes


BERadio is used as ether transport at the Hiveeyes project. Some specific information related to that is collected here.

Platform services

Entrypoints to the Hiveeyes system running on as of 2016-01-29:

Submit data

After receiving data from radio link channels, a gateway/concentrator machine usually forwards it over IP. At the Hiveeyes system, we use MQTT over TCP/IP. Get an idea about how this works.

Read BERadio messages from serial interface and forward them to the MQTT broker on using the realm hiveeyes as topic prefix:

beradio forward --source='serial:///dev/ttyUSB0' --target='mqtt://'


The MQTT topic name used for publishing is derived from some parameters contained in the data of the message, the topic template used for this is currently programmed to {realm}/{network}/{gateway}/{node}/{field}, where realm=hiveeyes. The actual values will get separated, mapped and formatted in different variants before republishing them to MQTT.

Receive data

bemqtt is a basic but convenient MQTT subscriber for setup, testing and debugging.

Subscribe to all messages of the hiveeyes realm:

bemqtt subscribe --source=mqtt://

Subscribe to messages of a specific network:

bemqtt subscribe --source=mqtt://

Subscribe to values of a single sensor:

bemqtt subscribe --source=mqtt://


We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Read about the technologies, standards, protocols and subsystems used for building the whole system at The Hiveeyes system documentation.

Read more about the Hiveeyes One architecture and different scenarios the components are used in, like The “swarm” setup and The “island” setup.