The Hiveeyes system documentation

Welcome to the jungle.


In a nutshell

The Hiveeyes project is developing a flexible toolkit for beehive monitoring.

We aim at making non-invasive beekeeping as affordable and comfortable as possible by supporting the beekeeper community with an open, universal, do-it-yourself telemetry infrastructure platform for data collection to streamline the process of raw data acquisition when developing individual beehive monitoring solutions.

The toolkit uses low-cost, low-power hardware and contemporary software components. All our hardware and software is available under free software and similar licenses to encourage the growth of an open ecosystem.

For further details, please see the projects’ Goals. There are Other projects around the world sharing similar ambitions, we are loosely in touch with them. Please also have a look under the hood at our detailed project news page.

Who is behind Hiveeyes?

We are a group of beekeepers from Berlin regularly meeting on wednesdays. We are Karsten, Robert, Clemens, Nik, Richard, Martin, Andreas and Dazz. Feel welcome to join us.

The community project originated from the independent Open Bee Hive, Open Hive, Hiveeyes and Hive Monitor beehive monitoring projects.

Clemens Gruber of Open Hive and Markus Euskirchen of Open Bee Hive started their work on low-cost, low-power, DIY beehive monitoring solutions in 2011 already and Clemens keeps being a driving force behind this project. Karsten Harazim (facebook) aka. Beutenkarl (facebook) and the solidary apiculture mauergarten (facebook, bienenblog) was one of the major catalysts for bringing us together as a community in 2014. On the tech side, the project is one of the many spin-offs of the popular Arduino Forum thread Measuring the weight of a beehive.


Some pictures from the trenches.

HEnode version 0.2.2 in the field
Scale Frame "Beutenkarl"
Scale frame is mounted. Rear view.

Open Hive Box
Open Hive Scale
Data display.

Backend platform

The Hiveeyes backend platform is composed of open source software components like Grafana, InfluxDB, Eclipse Mosquitto, Kotori and mqttwarn, providing an instant-on experience for data collection, visualization and alerting.

The data collection platform is voluntarily operated by the beekeeper community, it always runs on the most recent stable release of each software component while we are making sure all parts fit together well.

All collaborative efforts integrated into the platform will be available to all of its users. Enjoy having all upstream changes and new features available without thinking about backups, maintenance and upgrade procedures.

Getting started

For sending data to the Hiveeyes platform, please read the Platform services and Data acquisition documentation pages.

Do it yourself

All hardware and software components are developed completely in the open to encourage building and operating custom monitoring infrastructure based on these technologies.

For getting into the details, please read the Do it yourself page or get in touch with us. We don’t have a shiny tutorial yet, but there are many components to build upon. For sending data to a self-operated backend, please have a look at the Backend setup page.

If you feel there should be features X and most importantly Y, just let us know about your specific needs and requirements.


We are always happy getting helping hands on this project in every area of development and encourage you to have a closer look at the internals. For getting a feeling about what is currently going on, please have a look at the changelog. For digging deeper, we may refer you to the Development documents.

Have fun!

– The Hiveeyes Developers.