Python package

Install most recent BERadio Python package from PyPI:

pip install beradio --upgrade

Install a specific BERadio release:

pip install beradio==0.8.1 --upgrade

For a quick check if everything is in place, try:

beradio info

This should emit something like:

                  beradio 0.8.1
config file: /Users/amo/Library/Application Support/beradio/config.json
network_id:  696e4192-707f-4e8e-9246-78f6b41a280f
gateway_id:  tug22

Getting started

For further details, please visit the Handbook.

Running as service

For running BERadio as a system service, you might want to use one of the prepared init system scripts as a blueprint. Please make sure you edit all the important details to match your environment.

You will find appropriate installation instructions inside each file.

  • For Debian-based systems, there’s a systemd unit file, beradio.service

  • For OpenWrt/LEDE systems, there’s an old-style init script, beradio.init

Development sandbox

For installing BERadio in development mode, see BERadio sandbox.

Have fun!