Open Hive Arduino Yún gateway


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This firmware runs on the Open Hive RFM69 Arduino Yún, a receiver node using radio link communication. Telemetry data is received from the Open Hive RFM69 sensor node, decoded from CSV and stored to a SD card. The most recent version is available at gateway-rfm69-csv-sdcard.ino.

// Synopsis of Open Hive RFM69 sensor node
digraph open_hive_rfm69_sensor_firmware_synopsis {

    // Options

    // Style
    //graph [splines=ortho];
    node [pin=true, shape="box", fontname="Verdana"];
    edge [fontname="Verdana"];

    // Graph nodes represent hardware node units
    "sensor-1"      [label="Sensor node 1"];
    "sensor-2"      [label="Sensor node 2"];
    "sensor-N"      [label="Sensor node N"];
    "gateway"       [label="Gateway node\nArduino Yún"];
    "sd"            [label="SD card", style=dashed];

    // Graph edges represent radio families and
    // protocols spoken between node units.
    "sensor-1"      -> "gateway"        [label="RFM69, CSV"];
    "sensor-2"      -> "gateway";
    "sensor-N"      -> "gateway";
    "gateway"       -> "sd"             [style=dashed];

    // Draw a dotted line between sensor-2
    // and sensor-N, but retain node positions.
    "sensor-2"      -> "sensor-N"       [dir=none, style=dotted];
    {rank=same; "sensor-1"; "sensor-2"; "sensor-N" };

Open Hive RFM69 Arduino Yún


Build on your workstation

# Get hold of the source code repository including all dependencies
git clone --recursive

# Select this firmware
cd gateway-rfm69-csv-sdcard

# Select appropriate Makefile
ln -s Makefile

# Build firmware

# Upload to MCU
make upload


You might want to adjust the appropriate Makefile to match your environment.