Basic WiFi/MQTT sensor node


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A beehive monitoring sensor node based on the Adafruit Feather HUZZAH, featuring an ESP8266 MCU. Telemetry data is transmitted using WiFi/MQTT. The most recent firmware version is available at node-wifi-mqtt.ino.

Open Hive Adafruit Feather HUZZAH

Platform and supported peripherals



These Fritzing schematics describe the breadboard hardware wiring of the ESP8266 MCU with its sensor equipment (HX711, DS18B20 and DHT33).

ESP8266 with HX711, DS18B20 and DHT33 on breadboard, top view.

Top view

ESP8266 with HX711, DS18B20 and DHT33 on breadboard, bottom view.

Bottom view


Clone git repository

# Get hold of the source code repository including all dependencies
git clone

# Select this firmware
cd node-wifi-mqtt


Have a look at the source code node-wifi-mqtt.ino and adapt setting variables according to your environment.

Configure WiFi and MQTT settings:

// WiFi parameters
#define WLAN_SSID       "change-to-your-ssid"
#define WLAN_PASS       "change-to-your-pw"

// MQTT server
#define MQTT_BROKER     ""
#define MQTT_PORT       1883
#define AIO_USERNAME    ""
#define AIO_KEY         ""


The build system is based on PlatformIO.

Build firmware:


Upload to MCU

export MCU_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0
make upload