Mois sensor node


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This firmware powers the Mois Box, based on the Arduino Yún Shield-compatible Dragino Yun Shield v2.4. Telemetry data is transmitted to a custom PHP receiver program over HTTP using the Yún HTTP Client from the Bridge Library for Yún devices. It is also stored locally on a SD card. The most recent firmware version is always available at node-yun-http.ino.

Platform and supported peripherals


  • ADS1231 ADC weigh scale breakout board
  • DS18B20 digital thermometer
  • DHT22 (RHT03) digital humidity/temperature sensor
  • TSL25911 Ambient Light Sensor aka. TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor


Clone git repository

# Get hold of the source code repository including all dependencies
git clone --recursive

# Select this firmware
cd node-yun-http

Configure firmware

Have a look at the source code node-yun-http.ino and adapt feature flags and setting variables according to your environment:

Configure load cell calibration settings:

// Use sketches "scale-adjust-hx711.ino" or "scale-adjust-ads1231.ino" for calibration

// The raw sensor value for "0 kg"
const long loadCellZeroOffset = 38623;

// The raw sensor value for a 1 kg weight load
const long loadCellKgDivider  = 11026;


Read about Firmwares for load cell adjustment to get these values.


Build for AVR

The build system is based on Arduino-Makefile, a Makefile for Arduino projects.

# Select appropriate Makefile
ln -s Makefile

# Build firmware


You might want to adjust the appropriate Makefile to match your environment.

Upload to MCU

make upload