Battery-powered ESP8266 beehive scale based on Homie

This is the low power battery version of ESP8266 beehive scale based on Homie. The most recent version is available at node-wifi-mqtt-homie-battery.ino. To run this sketch e.g. on the PCB Design from ESP8266-BeeScale.fzz, you should remove and shortout the input polarity protection diode to avoid unnecessary voltage drop. Also you should remove any unnecessary power indicator LED to save a couple of mA. (e.g. on the ESP-07 the red power indicator LED). This will increase battery lifetime a lot.


  • Describe how to determine scale’s temperature compensation values.



  • Set some custom settings as default, limited at the moment by issue:

2017-11-02 0.10.0

2017-04-04 0.9.4

  • Add temperature compensation in gram per degree.

2017-03-27 0.9.3

  • Add connection error handling to avoid battery drain (WIFI/MQTT Connection issues) Thanks to a broken WIFI and @amotl.

2017-03-27 0.9.2

  • Disable 3 of 4 default settings due to bug in homie-esp8266

2017-03-24 0.9.1

  • Make use of onHomieEvent to ensure a clean disconnect from broker before deepSleep

  • Implement a battery check, create a low battery alarm topic to notify user and make the ESP sleep “forever”

  • All needed settings are now settable via HomieSetting

  • Modularized code

  • Add versioning scheme

2017-03-18 0.9.0

  • Add JSON output for compatibility